Due to my unparalleled commitment to customer service, many satisfied clients have written letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews. Below are just a few samples of client testimonials.  If you'd like to speak with any of these former clients along with over 100+ other clients, please let me know and I'd be happy to give you their phone numbers.  You can also go to Zillow website to see more testimonials.



Roger helped me and my fiancé buy a home and we are very happy with his services! We had another agent working with us and he wasn't very experienced and things didn't work out. Roger found a house for us in less than 30 days. He responded to my emails at all hours of the day, even at midnight sometimes! And get this, I was out of the country on Navy active duty mission while this whole thing happened! Hey, don't take your chances with anyone. Get Roger Ma to work with you!"- Justin Lee
Roger is a great Realtor! I was working with another Realtor and things went really bad. I spoke to several Realtors and Roger was the only one that was willing to help me. Because of him, I felt comfortable buying a house again after my bad experience with the other Realtor. With Roger, it was night and day compared to the other Realtor. He was patient with me, and explained everything clearly to me since I was a first time homebuyer. Right away, he found me a great home at the right price. Before I knew it, I was moving into my very own home! I will recommend Roger Ma anytime!- Cherry Mae Cabacungan
My wife Allison and I had decided to relocate from the East Coast to San Diego. Through an internet search, we were lucky enough (I still say it was destiny!) to find Roger Ma. What first impressed me about Roger was his enthusiasm and positive nature. We immediately hit it off, and he seemed as excited about our move as we did! Roger quickly caught on to what we were looking for, made us feel like we were an important part of his day, and always responded to calls and e-mails professionally, patiently, and in speed-time. Though purchasing a home isn’t entirely without stress, we truly had a lot of FUN throughout the process! Other than being the absolute BEST realtor on the planet, we’re also proud to call Roger and his family our friends!- Jeffrey T. Brownstein
Roger put my house on the market and within 10 days we went in escrow! This happened while other houses for sale in my neighborhood sat on the market for close to 2 months. I don’t know how he did it, but he even got me top dollar for my house! My house was sold for $12,000 more than a similar house in my neighborhood! I feel fortunate to have had Roger as my agent representing me. He stayed on top of the sale from start to finish. He was in touch with me throughout the whole sale, explaining the escrow process and answering all my questions. Roger is not only a hardworking and knowledgeable real estate agent, but more than that, he is an honest, sincere and without a doubt trustworthy individual you can count on! I recommend him highly for all your real estate needs!- Lorenzo Barranco
I was working with 2 other real estate agents at first and neither of them could find me the house I wanted. Then a friend recommended Roger Ma to help me, and I'm so glad I called him. He found me a beautiful house within 3 weeks. He went above and beyond what he normally should've done as an agent and at the end, I was able to move into my new home with my husband and kids! I love being a homeowner! Call Roger to help you. He gets the job done, one way or another. He won't let you down. Don't take any chances with another agent. Trust me, I've been there.- Kelly Ye
Roger has been a wonderful source of knowledge for my questions and concerns regarding real estate. Thanks to Roger’s encouragement and motivation he was able to help me buy a second home and start my journey towards real estate investing. I will certainly work with Roger again in the future, either in selling my home or further expanding my real estate portfolio. I recommend Roger highly!- Dan Simonelli
Roger made me realize that I could be a homeowner! I didn’t think I could qualify or be able to own a home. Roger referred me to the right mortgage company, and I was approved quickly! Then he found this beautiful completely remodeled condo, at the price that I wanted. Now I am a happy homeowner! Thanks!- Elisa Banuelos
Roger sold my house in 14 days in a slow market! He got me the highest price ever sold on my street! The transaction went smooth on our end. Roger made sure that all the paperwork was done correctly. The Buyer on the other side had some minor delays, but Roger was able to re-assure me that everything would be okay. He was on top of things.- Gary Turner
Roger was able to find us the home we were looking for. It’s a beautiful home that had been remodeled extensively by the previous owner and has a huge yard, which was important to us! It’s close to work, so our commuting time is almost none. Roger negotiated the best price possible and asked for repair credit that we didn’t think was possible. Roger was also able to help us get the right loan to make the monthly payments affordable. We are glad that Roger was working for us and making sure we were taken care of. We will recommend Roger to all our friends and family members!- Ricardo Alvarado & Natalia Morales